Sustainable Growth And Sustainable Development

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Introduction: Sustainable development can be defined as meeting the needs of present population without hindering the future generation’s ability to fulfil their own needs in the future. With the human population increasing all the time sustainable development has become an important part of all our lives. With the human population growing and the earth resources running out its important that we learn to live our lives in a more sustainable way. This would include; recycling more of the every day products we use, reducing the amount of fossil fuels we use, using more bio fuels instead of using petrol/diesel, producing electricity in a more environmental friendly way. The economy is also a very important part of sustainable development. Business nowadays are trying to become more sustainable in order to reduce there carbon footprint, hundreds of jobs having be created in research and development in sustainable development and businesses have also changed the ways they have produced there products and services in order to become more sustainable. As I have stated already the human population is increasing rapidly, it is important we find ways to house and feed this growing population. The biggest problem with this is the fact that the land we use to build our houses and grow our crops is decreasing as it is being used to build the towns, cities and road networks that we need. In order to live more sustainably will need to be able to produce more top quality crops with
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