Theoretical Framework And Research Methodology Essay

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I. Introduction
This section presents the theoretical framework and the research approach for the study. Technically, the study attempts to capture views from small scale fishers’ experiences of existing and potential climate change phenomenon in Khanh Hoa Province, including storms, heavy rainfall, and flood occurrences and damages which influence small scale fishing activities.
In Vietnam, it is important to note that it is challenging to understand the impacts of climate change on marine fisheries as time series data and other important information relative to local fisheries are not available and the impacts of other anthropogenic factors are large. For instance; on the issue of anthropogenic factors, pollution in the ocean emanating from improperly disposed chemical waste and other waste disposals, use of destructive gear (banned gear), increases in fishing pressure, etc. have had colossal impacts on the resources and the ecosystems,
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climate change) because it brings together major livelihoods assets and range of activities that influence them. The sustainable livelihoods framework demonstrates the interaction between these livelihoods assets and activities, and puts them into range of perspectives to pursue a systematic assessment. The British Department for International Development (1999) build up and adapted from the ideologies of Chambers and Conway and coined a framework for the analysis of sustainable livelihood, comprising of key components which include: the vulnerability context (shocks, stresses, trends, and seasonality), the livelihood assets (natural, financial, physical, human, and social), policies, institutions, and processes (management, adaptive policies, etc.), Livelihoods Strategies, and Livelihoods Outcomes. These are being discussed below in figure

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