Sustainable Marketing

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This critical review examines an article on a new era of sustainable marketing written by Marek Seretny and Alexksandra Seretny. The purpose of this article is to create rapid create value for customers through socially, environmentally and ethical responsibility actions. Although authors have criticism that some marketing practices harm individual’s consumers and imposing excess frustrated aggressive consumer with obstructive way, his article relates important and significant social responsibility by building sustainability relationship with consumers. This paper will also review the summary of the story as well as their main arguments, and will evaluate the quality of writing and focus on any areas of weakness within the story.
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As described above, the main purpose for the article written by both authors is to introduce and makes further discussion and argument on how sustainable marketing create values and importance in the consumers perception and its society. According to this article, the writer argues that there is a new era which is emerging and he is referring to this era as Marketing 3.0 (Jones, Peter, et al. 125).
In this era, marketing is a value driven process where people are not viewed as target consumers based on demographic factors. Instead, they are considered as intelligent and thoughtful partners who have emotions, spiritual values and feelings. This is to insinuate that the individuals together with the consumers have to work hand in hand in order the current socio-economic landscaped is shaped primarily by two great forces, that of globalization and technology. Consumers expect their organizations realize that indeed they operate within a society and therefore they should make these societies a better place to live in through coming up with better solutions for their lives. However, some authors are of the opinion that marketers are some sort of psychopaths of market forces and they are just grappled with the thrill of market capitalism and that they have zero vision of what they would like to achieve. It is therefore, evident that the marketers
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The actual genuine value of conducting business that inspires creativity, further cooperation and facilitates efficiency. Balancing people needs and long-term economic development as well as sustainable marketing these aspects lead to strength and faith in companies while they make use of less resources and funds. On an operational basis, sustainable marketing aims at making use of social evolution and customer behavior. This results to the achievements of long-established profit options. Finally, it is meant to provide services and goods through the management that is done in a responsible way. The issue is imperative to the modern day society since it focuses on the problems faced by societies in the current times. Marketing is said to be the cause of all these issues. Companies must therefore recognize the need of responsible marketing and how it helps solve these
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