Role Of Sustainability In Marketing

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Sustainability in Marketing Domain Sustainability could be defined as a path by which today’s generation could fulfil its demands but leaving enough resources for the future generation to fulfil theirs. Marketing on the other hand is the ability to cater to the needs of generations profitably taking care of the stakeholders. Though profitability is a crucial element of the marketing domain but still sustainable profitability is the practise followed these days. Focus has shifted to TBL (triple bottom line) three important aspects like (Figure 1):- 1. Economic Benefits 2. Environmental Benefits 3. Social Benefits Marketing Managers’ Views on Sustainability With the advent of time the marketing managers’ views have been moulded towards a joint…show more content…
In case of sustainable products, companies tend to use the word “sustainability” in-order to drive off takes but this concept needs a good amount of refinement. Below are mentioned some ways by which the marketers can actually market sustainable goods just like normal ones and could expect a better end result. • Focus better, avoid greener: Marketers should market their products using concepts customers can easily relate to. The boons of green and sustainable products should be communicated rather than the USP of them being sustainable. • Simplify: Sustainability is a term not easy to comprehend so try and simplify it for the consumers. Like Nike always talks about building a better world so it is easier for people to understand it. • Optimistic Campaigning: Instead of picturing the ecosystem exploitation, try and focus on the change the people could bring by choosing green products. Negative campaigns deter the buyer from the products, brand and the company. • Act: Clear demonstration of the benefits of choosing green and how the lives of people could change is what is to be really focused. E.g. 5 star rated appliances could lower the electricity bill is an immediate realization that people could relate…show more content…
It is a real challenge for the organizations to continuously strike a balance between their growth and sustainability challenge. Sustainability is more about consuming less and conserving more but the corporate is more about consuming more and saving less. This is the major loophole which corporates have to fill but keeping their gains intact. Not only this but when a sustainable solution to any problem is arrived at it further leads to several other problems. Some of the quick fixes that companies could use to keep the pace of sustainability are:- • Size is important: - Pursuance of sustainability and the company size should be in sync to each other. The company’s financial should be used to keep this check. Every company should try and maintain a balance between its current size and the sustainability measures it plans to take up. Big players have ample resources, time and benefits in higher focus compared to new or small

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