Sustainable Tourism Development Case Study

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Planning for sustainable tourism development in Hanoi, Vietnam
Sustainable tourism development is an important trend in the tourism development. It contributes to secure balance for the tourism industry in environmental, social and economic aspect. Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam, which has great potentials and advantages to develop tourism. However, there are many difficulties, challenges and possibly unsustainable factors. For example, planning for tourism development is slow, difficult to attract investment. Also the infrastructure, transportation, human resources quality in tourism is low. The awareness of citizens and tourists in conserving environmental resources is poor. Consequently, the city need a strategy for sustainable development, which will strengthen the quality of planning and
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The objective factors include: policies and local development of sustainable tourism, environmental law and local state of sustainable tourism development, the advantage compare geographical location and role for sustainable tourism development, the comparative advantages of geography and natural potential for sustainable tourism development, the development trend of demand for domestic and foreign sustainable tourism, social infrastructure in general and local in particular for sustainable tourism development and awareness of local communities about sustainable tourism.
The subjective factors include: Awareness of the role and importance of formulating strategies for sustainable tourism development of local leaders; local investment for sustainable tourism development; level of management staff and direct construction, implementation planning, tourism development strategy; workforce of the local tourism industry; competitiveness of local tourism businesses; promote the dissemination and promotion of tourism

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