Suwannee Argumentative Essay

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Florida is surrounded by water on three of its four sides, creating a multitude of locations one can visit.
When thinking about Florida, the first thoughts that come to mind are Disney World, the beautiful beaches, and the blistering heat.
However, there happens to be a spectacular little town located in West Central Florida that many people, including Floridians, probably haven 't heard much about.
With a population of roughly 300 people, it 's easy to see why the small town of Suwannee is overlooked.
The fishing village settles where the mouth of the Suwannee River and the Gulf of Mexico meet. It is a great destination spot for fishermen and boaters in this water-loving state.
"Our friends own a house over here, and, when we visit,
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Rood, 22 and a Food & Resource Economics major, said he is from Ocala, Fla. and is familiar with this beautiful fishing area. With the college campus only about an hour away, it is in close proximity for Rood and other students to make a day trip over.
"Final exams are this week and the following week," he said. "I won 't have much free time once this weekend ends. I figured I 'd come attempt to catch some fish in the Gulf beforehand."
Rood specifically targets the red drum fish while in the Gulf, he said, "They 're the best tasting fish in these waters and when I catch a good amount, it saves me a trip to the grocery store for a week or so."
"But if I don 't catch anything it 's not the end of the world," Rood said, "I rather spend my leisure time outdoors and on the water than sit in my room."
Whenever people aren 't cooking out at their own places or on the water, Suwannee has one unique restaruant for all of its residents and visitors to eat at.
Salt Creek Restaurant settles on the water and is a wonderful place to enjoy the view of the scenery and have a bite to eat. With a view of the water on both sides of the restaurant, this is the place to eat.
Salt Creek is opened seven days a week and offers outside seating for people wanting to enjoy food on

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