Suzanne Warren's Disabilities In Orange Is The New Black

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In the television series, Orange is the New Black, Suzanne Warren, played by Uzo Aduba, is believed to be autistic. Although her official diagnosis is never stated throughout the course of the show, Suzanne shows many signs of autism, such as frequent tantrums, social impairment and inability to comprehend social cues, inability to appropriately respond and hold a conversation, repetitive actions and movements, (such as hitting herself), and demand for sameness. I agree and disagree with the way Suzanne Warren’s disability is portrayed. One trait that is clearly shown in the show is that the full grown adult, is mentally immature for someone her age, with the mental capacity of about a six year old. Because of this, she easily identifies…show more content…
Her heart is always in the right place. Her intention was not for that to happen to Dylan, but unfortunately that was the result. [...] She needed an adult in that moment to tell her to stop and she didn’t have that.” As an autistic person, Suzanne does act young and immature, which makes sense. In the scene when Dylan dies, she acts like a child. She doesn’t understand why Dylan is afraid, why he called the cops, or why he started to run away. Suzanne doesn’t understand these social cues, and therefore does not respond the way she should. She is in the mental state of a child, and therefore acts like a child. This aspect is a reasonable portrayal of her mental disability. However, aside from acting childlike, Suzanne Warren is said to be crazy. The inmates actually refer to her as, “Crazy Eyes.” Her actions such as repeatedly hitting herself in the head; refusal to change the hairstyle that she’s had since she was six years old; and beating someone, nearly to death, to “protect” a character that previously died; all depict Warren as crazy. Although these incidences are entertaining for the show, they do not properly show how an autistic person acts. People with autism do lash out, scream and throw tantrums, and act childlike, but the show takes these things to the
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