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The Majestic Land of Swagtopia This world has digressed over the years. The American way has been tarnished and tainted. For these reasons, some people have decided to form a more perfect society. This new society is called Swagtopia. it is a marvelous land of freedom where the education is precise and the government runs the country in excellence. Overall, Swagtopia is a striving nation, and its people will pursue further greatness. Swagtopia 's government is a constitutional monarchy modeled after Great Britain and Demark. The reason why a constitutional monarchy is more beneficial than a democracy is that a democracy sometimes allows too much freedom of speech. For example, President Obama has inadequately used his voice of authority to make policies that will soon be the bane of the United States ' existence. That is the main reason why a constitutional monarchy would be a better fit. One of the laws that would be in place is that every citizen that earns a…show more content…
The laws and punishment regiment will not be iron-fisted. The death penalty is banned do to debates about cruel and unusual punishment. All crimes will go through a judicial system. This system is based off the American judicial system. Perjury in the courtroom will result in 13 years in prison. The reason why this rule is so strict is because the country of Swagtopia wants to live in excellence. Lying is unbecoming of a Swagtopian ( especially if its lying in the court). There will be a large amount of competent officers, firefighters, and first responders to protect the civilian population from danger. All policemen are required to have a camera in there car and a Go-Pro cameo to survey there actions and to be a source of evidence if a civilian casualty were to occur. All law enforcement will be overseen by a prime minister or police chief. they shall both serve at the pleasure of the king or queen. The king will not be allowed to give a punishment during any judicial case but can give his
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