Swallow The Air Analysis

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Self-discovery is driven by the willingness of individuals to make connections with places and people. This is evident in Tara June Winch 's novel "Swallow the Air" as the protagonist discoveries are seen through her connection with the people and her identity. Similarly, the same can be said for James Cameron 's film "Avatar" as Jake the protagonist discoveries is 'visualised through his connection with the land and how this affects his identity. In both of these texts, we can identify how both Tara June Winch and James Cameron interprets the concept of self-discovery in their text.

Tara June Winch 's novel "Swallow the air" follows the willingness of May 's persistent character of building connections with places and people. This idea is primarily in the chapter "Mission" May encounters an old Aboriginal Man named Graham. In this encounter he expressed an Aboriginal perspective on the current relationship between the two societies. The Europeans and the Aboriginals. "no one to talk about it. And they die, kill em selves, than those governments just put another numba, nother cross in they list. its always been they plan." The use of high modality in "And they die, kill em selves" insinuate that Graham blames the European society in the context of Morden day Australia. Through negative connotation of this
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May 's feelings of discomfort in regards to the discoveries surrounding her racial background are explored. In "This gunna show ya where ya don 't belong dumb black bitch!". The derogatory language emphasises the depth of the toilsome circumstances May must endure as an outsider in her own community. This event pushes her a step back on the rode of self-discovery as it made her aware of her status in her community. Resulting in, May fleeing for security. This motion shifts in the chapter "The block", "We 're all family, … we 're all blacks …, we are all one mob." The use of anaphora reinforces her acceptance within a community who shares her cultural
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