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1. The Swan Lake music is amazing. Starts with subtle low tones and then continues alternating them with impactful sounds using percussion and brass instruments by the orchestra. Another aspect I noticed is that in some moments the music is very slow and suddenly changes becoming faster showing different speeds. The music in Swan Lake is dramatic, is telling a story by following a sequence without saying a word. Even if you are not a fan of classic ballet you get involved in the drama they are presenting. This music made me think about royalty; music you easily expect to hear when a king and queen are present. In The Rite of Spring the music is different from the Swan Lake because is non-traditional, is more ethnic, and appears to be spontaneous,…show more content…
2. The Rite of Spring music makes me think about powerful cultural groups dancing, marching, celebrating and pursuing their ideals. Stravinsky achieves that way of thinking in me by the way he changes the music tones constantly; presenting sounds of joy, mystery, passion, and aggression. I also heard some instruments I am not sure what they were but they make me think about Indian tribes. 3. The meter in Serenade is irregular. It almost feels like the instruments were not properly tune. Even that maybe not be true, I believe the author’s intention was to produce an extreme non-traditional sound. I think the meter was irregular because the musical beats were inconsistent and surprising along the entire song with the violin having a predominant part of the…show more content…
I believe the texture in Parodie is sparse /chopped. I think that because few instruments were playing at different times during the song but never a full orchestra performance is heard. This piece has an impactful piano solo. 6. In Die Kreuze, I think the tempo is inconsistent because is going slow and then changes to almost a running sensation. The intensity of the piece drastically changes with some super high tones by the piano and the singer. There are brief moments of “peace” followed by super intense portions. 7. I consider the harmony in Natch, dissonant & off – key because it consists of an unusual mix of sounds; something that I have never heard before. In all honesty I feel there was not that much harmony at all. I did not consider it unpleasant but certainly it was harsh. At the beginning it has a very strong “funerary” suspense feeling. 8. When listening to all these pieces I feel a sense of intrigue and mystery. The songs I heard all have an element of surprise. They make me think that the author was trying to express all kind of emotions human beings may feel at some point in their lives such as sadness, fear, loneliness, and excitement. Schoenberg achieves that by been untraditional, rebellious, and drastic when creating his pieces. He stepped “out of the box” of the typical and expected

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