Swanson's Message To The Family

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The idea “being with” includes conveying “you are not alone,” enduring with, not burdening, and being accessible” (Gemmill, William, Cooke, & Grant, 2012). This displays a powerful message to the family being there at all costs (Gemmill et al., 2012). In this scenario the child was dying but by allowing the family in, during this critical time, one knew personally and professionally that this was the right thing to do. This was done through attempting to save his life, I never left his side. By being emotionally present and connected to the patient and to the family, “that no matter how bad the circumstances might be, we don 't abandon them” (Swanson, 1998, para.18). We allowed the parents in while the patient was being resuscitated. While doing this it displayed to them that we were doing everything feasibly and humanly possible to save his life.…show more content…
This is when we try to do for the other when they are unable to do for themselves, anticipating their needs and preserving their dignity (Swanson, 1991). The curtains were closed for privacy and the parents were at the bedside. “While he was being resuscitated, I assessed the child, and performed my responsibilities to the best of my ability we administered numerous emergency medications". By performing my skills competently and skillfully I was protecting his
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