Swastik Criticism And Symbolism

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Conclusion I have done two case study’s looking into a symbol and identifying what it represented before and what it represents now, why it was targeted for manipulation and how it got manipulated in the public’s eye. For the Swastika, it’s been a symbol of light, knowledge, life, divinity and peace and an old link to the Indo-European elites, for this reason it was targeted by the German nationalists and monarchists to show how they, with the Aryan heritage, are superior. Propaganda was a major role in how they were able to manipulate the identity of the symbol. By adopting it as their signifier they were able to use it in repetition in their military uniforms, their propaganda posters, as a backdrop to their speeches and leaders affiliating…show more content…
Peters cross, an important symbol to the Christian religion, it’s been used as satire to mock the very religion, it’s been adopted by violent groups to commit crimes against that religion, using its own symbols against it. It’s been embraced by pop-culture, by bands to use it to over-exaggerate and belittle the people that stood against them and as a sales tactic, targeted and playing on the stereotype of a certain demographic of people, the ignorant, self-obsessed teenager who wants to rebel against authority and thus it’s been accepted into pop-culture and as a fashion icon becoming its own sort of propaganda. But unlike the Swastika, The Cross of Saint Peter hasn’t been manipulated beyond repair, it’s been used on so many applications that it’s left the true identity clouded, unclear and a farce, leaving it open, potentially, to be picked up and manipulated again and again by different…show more content…
For example the Apple logo, Apple, one of the biggest companies in technology, known for its iMacs, iPhones, iPods, worth billions of pounds, one of the most influential technology companies around today, the Apple logo is a sign of wealth, of being up-to-date and being elite. In years to come, or sooner than that, could people take the Apple logo and play on it, twist what it represents, corporations are forever getting slandered by the masses, for being too rich, not giving enough, not caring etc. could people use propaganda to manipulate something as big as the Apple logo to mean things like hypocrisy, tyranny, control. Especially considering the use of the internet and how important and influential social media sites

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