Swatch Case Study

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The Swatch Group is also known as the largest manufacturer and distributor of watch across the globe. The organisation is located in Berne, Switzerland. Nicolas G. Hayek in 1983 founded this group through the combination of two organisations suffering crises at that time named as ASSUAG and SSIH. The establishment of the Swatch Group and the release of its first swatch watch were considered as a recovery of Swiss watches industry in 1970s (Deshpande, et al., 2012). Recently, the Swatch Group has approximately nineteen brands of watches, a part of which consist of old names of brand adapted from the previous two organisations. The categories of its products range from luxurious to basic watches for fulfilling the preference of consumers with different needs and requirements. The Swatch Group has its business operating in more than hundred countries, which acquire approximately quarter of total watch sales across the globe. It can be said that the Swatch Group is bounded to maintain its leading position by considering advantages of its strong brands with higher levels of reputation and consistent innovation in production and manufacturing (Deshpande, et al., 2012). 1.2. Background of Case Study The integrated case study revolves around the performance and come back of Swiss watch industry on the international level after facing crises of 1975-1985. The case study is focusing on the Swatch Group, which is the main Swiss watch organisation since its inception in 1983. The

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