Sweat While Sleeping Essay

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Why Do Babies Sweat While Sleeping And What Can You Do To Prevent It?

Seeing your baby sleep peacefully is probably the most adorable experience ever. Deep slumber has numerous benefits for your little one. However, many a times, babies tend to sweat a lot during sleep, especially from their head.
If you’re waking up anxious to find your baby soaked in sweat, trust us, you’re not alone. It’s about time you keep your worries aside and find out the underlying cause of this excessive sweating and perspiration in your baby.
What Are The Causes Of Babies Sweating While Sleeping?
It is crucial to note that sweating helps maintain body temperature and wards off heat generated internally. However, the underlying cause of excessive sweating is more
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This is triggered by overheating of the infant’s body and thus results in sweating.
6. Weak Kidneys
Excessive sweating at night can also be signalling towards your infant’s weak kidneys. You will observe your baby feel thirsty often, sweat profusely and shed a lot of kilos. This is termed as Night Syndrome.
How Can I Deal With Excessive Night Sweats In My Baby?
We understand that as parents, it is normal to get anxious about your baby’s slightest bodily changes. However, you must turn your panic button off and learn to find a solution to the problems. Here are some tips to help your deal with excessive night sweating in your baby:
1. Hydrate your child
Since sweating leads to loss of fluids from the body, it is essential to hydrate the baby well. However, make sure you give him less of fluids right before going to bed as this would result in frequent bathroom trips in the middle of the night.
2. Comfortable clothing
At times the night sweating may be aggravated due to unnecessary blankets and heavy clothing. Dress your child in comfy night wear, made out of a breathable cotton fabric. Make sure that your baby’s night-time attire is the most comfortable

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