Sweatshop Labour Research Paper

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Today, globalization is impacting many countries around the globe, which can provide benefits to help improve people’s lives, but can also cause damage to places that lack a stable economy. More goods and products are manufactured everywhere in the globe making items more accessible. The photograph of the coca cola cans demonstrates how it is produced and sold both domestically and internationally, which shows that western products have influenced different cultures around the world and making it more accessible. Having products, such as coke, produced all around the world, many people can understand what it is even if they are foreign to the language. With more products produced around the world; more resources, workforce, and trades are required to meet the demands of…show more content…
In order to meet the demands, big companies and industries need to outsource their products to other countries in their manufacturing process. With the ability of outsourcing, companies such as the fashion industry can make huge profits from using cheap labour from other countries. Since regulations vary from each country, thriving companies can abuse the way they produce their products since there would be little to no restriction of what they cannot do. It is great how popular brands are all around the world; however, the cost of the products varies differently from country to country. In order to see the true cost of producing a product, one must look into the external costs. Some developing countries with a very low GDP have sweatshop labor. Many sweatshop laborers are forced to work under harsh conditions in a poorly built infrastructure with earnings of low wages. In “True Cost,” some workers that manufacture clothing cannot even earn enough

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