Sweatshops In Today's Society

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Sweatshops are a major a major epidemic in today’s society. Sweatshops can be found in almost any part of the world, especially overseas. In this article I will tell you everything that I studied about sweatshops, and let you decide if you want to help solve this devastating problem. A Sweatshop is a factory in which poverty stricken people, mainly women and children, work long hours for extremely low wages. The Sweatshop, often called the “Sweating System”, began when the factory system was developed in the early 1800’s. Sweatshop owners would hire subcontractors who would set up makeshift factories in dimly lit and poorly ventilated buildings. Each workers monthly pay was based on the number of product units he or she completed. People…show more content…
Often times a worker 's wages are often too low to feed a family, the factory air is often filled with chemicals and many managers refuse to let sick employees leave work to get medical attention. At many factories, labor rights advocates say, managers have improved ventilation, stopped hitting workers, and have stopped requiring workers to obtain permission before going to the toilet. The anti-sweatshop movement has put many apparel makers, like the Gap and Kathie Lee Gifford, on the defensive by bombarding companies with letters, holding sit-ins at colleges and picketing in front of stores. Many apparel industry executives say that they are encouraged to turn to substandard factories, because shoppers are always hunting for bargains, so they face intense pressure to produce goods as cheaply as possible. In one noteworthy move made by Nike and its rival Reebok was to require the many Asian factories that produce for them to stop using petroleum-based adhesives that cause damage to the liver, kidney and central nervous system in favor of safer water-based adhesives. In conclusion, sweatshops are an epidemic that takes control of people’s lives and squeezes them for everything that they have got. Sweatshops are where people go to suffer agonizing pain, and often die. Sweatshops need to be eradicated from this planet. After reading this I hope you understand the magnitude of devastation that sweatshops do almost
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