Sweden Welfare System Essay

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Sweden has always been a welcoming country, rarely turning away asylum seekers or refugees. More and more immigrants are having to rely on this system because they are not qualified for the type of work needed. The problem with this is that the welfare system is being overused and Sweden is having close its doors to immigrants. This problem is effecting everybody in Sweden, the government, refugees, and citizen. Along with the welfare problem Sweden does not quite know how to handle then influx of immigrants they have. The whole reason the welfare system is crashing is because there is no money to pay for it. The welfare system relies on heavy taxation and an open economy. (H., E.) However, Sweden has an aging population. Which means that there are no young workers to replace the old ones in jobs because they are not producing workers for the available jobs. Along with the immigrants not being able to work because they are not qualified for the jobs available. This forms a harsh cycle, there is no money income for taxes which results in no money for welfare. Which is what the refugees rely on because they cannot find work. There is also a large wage gap between the native-born and foreigners. With no work they cannot pay taxes for the welfare or support themselves.…show more content…
The welfare system is something that Sweden takes pride on having and worked hard to form it to the way it is today. As shown in the article, “Why Sweden Might Close Its Doors to Immigrants, “Its welfare-state model is a source of pride for its citizens and is seen by the world as offering a high quality of life and a safe environment in which to raise children.”(Drew, Kevin and Cajsa Collin) But, because of the immigrant situation this system is having to change. Families are not getting as much money. Also, how often that money is given to you and for how long is still being
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