Old Home Style Research Paper

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Swedish interiors are simple, light, elegant, livable, usually with high ceilings and lots of wood, and incorporate minimal accessories.
Typically with all-white walls, ceilings, and floors, Swedish interiors create a sense of calmness, cleanliness, and freshness.
High-quality furnishings made of natural materials lend Swedish spaces a timeless look and an organic vibe.
Including varying textures adds visual interest and helps create layered interiors.
Although minimal, as a rule, accessories are refined and in vivid colors. Used against an almost all-white background, they make a stunning contrast and add character.
Some simple features, such as high ceilings, wall moldings, and hardwood flooring help lend Swedish interiors an easily recognizable, unmistakable look.
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Bright pops of color/introduced by pieces of wall art, throw pillows, and a throw/ thoughtfully positioned throughout the space definitely stand out against the all-white background and add visual interest. What immediately grabs the eye is a wow-worthy multi-color hanging light. What a way to personalize a space! Potted plants add extra doses of color and freshness.
As they all reflect light and create a sense of bright and spacious interiors, apart from whites and soft grays, pale and smoky blues are also often used in Swedish interiors, in one way or another.
In the picture above, a space in pale blue. An eye-grabbing traditional Swedish tile stove is a statement décor feature. The stove tiles elaborately decorated in blue create a sense of harmony and balance.
For flooring, furnishing pieces and accessories/including handmade ones/, Swedish decorating style makes use of lots of natural materials, such as wood, glass, and textiles/usually linen and
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