Swedish Medical Group Case Study

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The single biggest factor that has influenced the growth of Swedish Medical Group is one that involves economic and social factors: population growth. This has had a number of impacts on specific practices at Swedish Medical Group.
One economic event that has impacted the growth of Swedish medical group is the population growth in Seattle area due to rapid increases by technology companies. As companies like amazon and Boeing as well as Microsoft recruit new employees, more young professionals migrate to Seattle for to meet these companies work force demands. In recent news, Seattle has gained the reputation of being the fastest growing city in the united states currently. This influx of a large number of mainly young, relatively affluent people has impacted the growth of Swedish Medical Group in a number of ways.
Swedish has started to expand its primary care clinics to meet the demand for health care providers in neighborhoods where these transplants are choosing to live. Recently Swedish medical group opened a primary care clinic in Renton where Boeing’s plant is also located. Leadership plans to continue opening primary care clinics in Bellevue and other surrounding Seattle neighborhoods
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I was involved with these projects and it was a hot topic in the population health department. There has been a lot of metrics focused on identifying patients needing screening (breast, cervical, colorectal) and performing outreach to increase screening rates. Swedish medical group hire an outreach team to schedule patient around the Seattle area for annual wellness visits. The outreach team has a percentage goal of sixty percent annual wellness visits and cancer screening visits to meet. calls are made to patients identified as needing the two types of visit. A Lot of good feedback have been received not only by patient but by providers as

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