Sweepro Strategic Plan

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6.2 Create appropriate dissemination processes to gain commitment from stakeholders in an organisation

In the implementation of a strategic plan, it is important that the company involves its stakeholders in the change process. This however, should be done with care as stakeholder involvement should be done based on their importance, influence to the change and the degree at which the proposed change will affect them.

Peter Senge in his field book ‘Fifth Discipline’ elaborates on the levels of involvement of stakeholder groups based on the importance of the change to the organisation.

Source: Change Management Toolbook (2010)

Telling – is a situation where the decision has already been made by the company’s management, albeit in the best
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Having said this, it is important for the company to have some flexibility in order to accept minor changes to its original plan.
6.3 Design monitoring and evaluation systems for the implementation of a strategy plan in an organisation

Monitoring and evaluating a strategic plan is as important to Sweepro as creating the need for one. Monitoring and evaluation periodically is essential for the company in order to make sure no deviation is made from the intended plan, unless absolutely necessary.

There are a number of ways Sweepro will be able to monitor progress of the strategic plan. While the Gantt chart will serve as a time keeper, it is important that the various groups also set mini deadlines for completion of their tasks, ahead of time, if not on.

Benchmarking – is an excellent method to evaluate where the company stand in terms of its competition. Comparing oneself to an industry leader would no doubt highlight many shortcomings in infrastructure and resources, which the company should be mindful about trying to bite off more than it can
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Left too late, these small issues can have a detrimental effect on the final outcome.

360” feedback – is a simple method, once set for management to monitor group or individual performance. It also provides an opportunity for groups to learn and develop by themselves, thereby optimizing the implemented change.

Balanced Scorecard – is a strategic planning and management system that is effective in monitoring the progress of projects as well as one that can help to re align the work being carried out, so that it does not deviate from the desired change.

Intermediary Milestones – are also a good way of periodically monitoring progress. The achievement of milestones not only provide small reasons to celebrate, but also provide an opportunity to review, the good and the bad, so that any obstacles that may create issues in the future, can be dealt with in
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