Sweet Home Summary

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Sethe who is the protagonist of the novel , never lived an easy life. But through that struggle she still manages to be a proud and noble woman. She was born in the South to an African woman who she never knew.
When she was 13 she was sent to the Garners who owns Sweet Home and they were involved in slavery. There were other slaves as well but she was the only woman. The other slaves were men called Sixo, Paul D, Paul A, Paul F and Halle. They lust after her but she decides she wants to marry Halle. She insist on sewing herself a proper wedding dress to the first she will spend with Halle. Although it was not a proper wedding dress, she wanted to fanaticise the idea of marrying a man in a wedding dress. They have four children Howard, Burglar,
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Seth was planning on running away where she already sends her children off to Baby Suggs. But her escape fails. Schoolteacher’s nephews seize Seth in the born and then violates her again. They stolel her milk while she was pregnant which she stored for her unborn child. While all of this was happening Hall watches how Seth is being violated and he does nothing about it because he is to scared. She goes to Mrs. Garner and she reports what happened. When Schoolteacher found this out he beats her up although she is pregnant. Seth runs away after this and then she collapses because of exhaustion. Luckily she was found by a white girl and this girl nurses her. She also helps Seth to deliver her baby. She names this baby Denver. After that she goes to Baby Suggs Cincinnati. She is there for 28 days. On the last day school teacher comes and he wants to take her and the children away , back to Sweet Home. Rather than to go back to Sweet Home and let her children into slavery, she flees with them to the woodshed and there she wants to kill them. She only manages to kill her eldest child. The baby girl who was never given a name. Sethe cuts of her throat. After the murder of her child she arranges that the name on the headstone should be ‘’Beloves’’. The Sheriff takes Dever and Seth to jail and she returns to the house
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