Sweet Movie Analysis

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2. Sweet Movie (1974) This film was directed by a Yugoslav director named Dusan Makavejev. This is one of the weirdest movies you can ever watch. Sweet Movie was faced with fury when it was first out in theaters. The story described the strange, chaotic discovery of communism and sex. This film was basically a tableau when one weird scene was released on the screen after another surreal scene. 3. L’ Age d’ or (1930) L’ Age d’ or was a strange black comedy film that was considered to be one of France’s first sound films which was directed by Luis Buñuel and written by Salvador Dali. The movie was making fun of the middle class manners and backgrounds also, the Catholic Church’s insincerity. L’ Age d’ or was about a young woman and man who were trying to complete their relationship. However, they were not able to do so because the church and the middle class…show more content…
This film amazingly showed Lynch’s creative ideas and twisted imagination. Because Lynch’s daughter came all of a sudden who also had a stern clubbed feet, this resulted to Lynch’s fatherhood fear that greatly showed on the film. In the film, it showed the place where Henry (the main cast) lived to which it represented the place where director Lynch also lived. However, since the movie was released, it did not receive any good reviews from the movie critics. Many movie critics found the film too sickening to be considered it as a good movie. 5. El Topo (1970) El Topo was a work of art in bizarre visual. The movie was disturbing and surreal but it had gained the aspect of being amazingly prolific despite of the film’s small budget. In the 1970s, El Topo was the favorite movie in cult genre, because the film was so weird. This movie was about “Spiritual Western” which showed about religious representation and occult descriptions. El Topo was full of clear sexual scenes and some episodes showed spiteful violence. 6. Celine and Julie Go Boating
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