Sweet Pea Short Story

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Sweet Pea POV

After running in the hospital and the nurses and doctor ran off into a operating room with Cassia. I was pacing back and forth and I called FP to let him know his niece was in the hospital because of some ghoulies attacked her. After about a hour the doctor came out and asked "Ryder?" I walked over and said "Yeah that's me.How bad is it?" The Doctor said "Well it was a few cracked ribs major bruising and a long cut to the chest and abdomen but she'll be fine." I sighed and asked "Can I go see her?" The Doc nodded and said "Go ahead." I nodded and walked into her room to see her lying there her shirt covered in blood and her face was bruised badly. I sat in a chair that I pulled up and said "Hey Cassie. How are you feeling?" She
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The way you acted the way you talked the way you dressed and most important you changed the way that you looked at me. We were best friends and now we barely even look at each other or even notice each others existence and I've wanted to talk to you but I've never built up the courage to do it because I was afraid that you wouldn't remember me like I meant nothing to you, like I never meant anything." I could feel tears welling up and were about to fall so I wiped my eyes and said "Thanks for the ride Sweet pea I should get going I'm pretty sure you don't want to be seen with me. I guess I'll see you in class." I turned and took a few steps when I heard "Cassia wait. I know I haven't been there for you like I promised you I'd be but I want to be there now.Do you really think you're the only one who misses there best friend? Now I know you've been through things but I have to been through stuff too. You just need to own up to it and move on." I looked up at him and said "I am owning up to it I've
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