Sweeter As The Years Roll Movie Analysis

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In life the mind is always playing tricks, tricks to make us believe what it wants. However is it really life that plays those tricks or is it the knowledge that we have acquired? Knowledge has and always will play a role in perception. Sometimes new knowledge will change the way that we view the same images, it’s never so clear-cut. The various amounts of information will also create differing opinions, making art never just have one right opinion. Neither is taking the two sides of an argument. John Mcphee states in Progression that 1+1=2.6 and that essays can have more than one opinion. Each opinion develops a deeper understanding. Therefore two opinions added together is not two. Both options have are more than the paper and more than…show more content…
Rogan intended to play with people 's perceptions by providing a simplistic video with a complex title. In Sweeter As the Years Roll By, there are many techniques used to show how knowledge alters perception.One effective technique used was naming. In the title, the words “as the years roll by” signify time passing or aging. Viewers interpret this as the film being about life. This technique is effective because the title sways the reader to find a reason for the name. While not everyone views the film as the struggle of life, the title is what made people see the film in this way. A title is a form of prior information that changes an opinion. If no one was given the title or had any prior knowledge of the film then the perception would be very different. They would not be looking for a way to associate the film with the title. People would just see the film as an elevator belt with a man draw a line until the circle made a full turn. There would be no deeper meaning because there is no context. The lack of people places emphasis on the hand and the lack of ample voices also signifies focus. The camera angle can also affect the perception.The high angle shot of the film captures the whole picture without showing unnecessary pieces. Some people may view it as an angle trying to capture just the hand and the belt. However, others who knew the title will see how the high angle focuses on a single
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