Sweetgum Slough Character Analysis

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Conflict can be defined as a struggle or clash between opposing force and is important to human life experience. There are a multitude of factors which can stimulus conflict between individuals, group, man and the environment or within one's self. There are many conflicts in the book "Sweetgum Slough" written by Claire Karssiens. The three conflicts that stood up to me are Louis vs. Schmeling, Karssiens vs. new school, and Karssiens brother vs. Panther. The first conflict founded in the book Sweetgum Slough that got my attention is Louis vs. Schemeling. joe louis is an African American boxer who was set to have a boxing rematch versus max schmeling, who is representing the Nazi Germany. in the book it says "Peering into the shadows at the…show more content…
in the book it says "unlike the little sweetgum school, where we were safely contained in one room all day, the new school had a chaotic thing in placed called the rotation system (karassiens 105)". she was use to on staying in one place but now her new school got her going to different class each time the classes are over. she doesn’t like the "harsh bells rang" and how the hallway is always crowded. she also went to the wrong classroom several times. "A big boy said, "Here come the pigmy." A girl with corkscrew curls like Shirley Temple's laughed. Those tormented days twisted into each other like bands of hot mud (karassiens 106)". karassiens was bully every time she enter her classroom, they would call her name and laugh at her. she had to be very strong girl to go through that every day. Karassiens wasn’t ready for Arithmetic class because she says "My brain went limp when the teacher called on me to answer a question. even when i knew the answer. I couldn’t find my voice for fear i would be wrong (karassiens 106)". At her old school they learn at a slow pace so she was behind on that subject. her teacher would humiliate kids who didn’t understand
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