Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong Character Analysis

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Mary Anne is a character in Tim O’Brien’s “The Things They Carry” and was troduced as a character within the chapter “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong”. Mary Anne was introduced as a sweet little girl who was just released from high school. The story describes that when she first appeared in the story that she was wearing a pink sweater and white culottes. Mary Anne was introduced as a very innocent person who really had no place and could not handle herself; However, after some time she begins to go into a descent into madness that seems random and seems as if she was crazy in the first place, but she isn't really crazy in the first place. She is just introduced to a large amount of freedoms that she isn't used to in america and she takes these freedoms like a drug. She gets addicted to the freedoms and she just wants more and more until she seems like she is insane and she walks off into the mountains.…show more content…
She often seemed as if she was one of the guys who was placed there from the draft. Mary Anne at the start was fascinated with how vietnam worked and how wonderful a place it was. She was also in love with how she could finally be herself and be free of all the social norms that have been thrust upon her. Mary Anne eventually turned into a violent person as she became too used to these new freedoms and she really wanted to express that she had changed by going on night ambushes with the green berets. Mary Anne in total really started delving into madness when she started getting addicted to vietnam and fossie told her she had to leave. Mary Anne changed for good when she realized that she was going to be forced to leave and she became self defensive and violent as a
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