Swiffer Ad Analysis Essay

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Do you ever see an ad or commercial on TV that just sticks with you? Maybe it is a catchy jingle, or one of your favorite actors or actresses. For me personally, the Swiffer commercials stick in my head. I love how each ad has the same idea, but is portrayed from a different point of view. I feel as if Swiffer makes it their main focus to target everyone, not just one specific group. It’s target audience includes a wide range of people, no matter what age, race or geographical location. Which I find, makes it easier to relate. The first ad I chose (Link 1) is about a Man named Jerry and his son. From what I can tell in the commercial, Jerry is a single dad. Jerry and his son are both Africanmericans, and they live in Hillsboro Oregon. The ad goes through a series of “interview” scenes, scenes of children playing in the mud, and scenes of cleaning. Jerry talks about how hard it is to keep up with the house and have time for relaxation, which he refers…show more content…
I think the overall concept of the Swiffer ads are to help people clean in the easiest way possible. I think the Swiffer company doesn 't target just one audience. A lot of times in different ads or commercials one specific audience is the target, such as men or women, or people of different races or ages. Most of the time when it comes to cleaning everyone automatically associates that with women, Swiffer does show women cleaning, but they also show men cleaning as well. I like how they go against the stereotype. Overall I think the Monsters University ad has a lot of humor. I do think that the target audience of the Monsters University ad is children. Kids love animation and that gets their attention. I think the purpose is to get the kids attention so they will tell their parents they want the Swiffer WetJet because Mike Wazowski used one. This is a smart approach on
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