Swimming Persuasive Speech

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I went last Sunday for shopping and lunch with my friends.
144. How often do you swim?
I swim once or twice in a week but during summers, I swim daily.
145. Where did you learn swimming?
I learnt swimming in school. When I was in sixth standard, I learnt swimming from a swimming coach in my school.
147. How old were you then?
I was 11 years old.
148. What are the benefits of swimming?
Swimming keeps us physically fit and healthy. It is not only a good activity but life saving skill too.
149. Should swimming be promoted in schools?
Yes, sure. It is very good exercise and helps in physical growth.
150. Should swimming lessons be compulsory in schools? Why or why not?
Yes, these should be. It will help young children in learning swimming at
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Who introduced you to books and reading?
My parents always encouraged me to read books. I remember my father used to read stories for me. He used to bring many story books for me. I generated interest in reading during my childhood.
162. Do you use a calculator?
Yes, when I have to calculate big amount then I use calculator.
163. Do you think it is good to use a calculator?
Yes it is, there are fewer chances of errors when we use calculator. Too much dependence is not right.
164. Will calculators be useful in the future? Why is that?
Calculators will be useful in future as these days every mobile phone has this facility and we are using it. We will continue to use it in future.
165. Do you prefer to study in the morning or in the evening?
I prefer mornings, as mind is fresh and there is peace in the environment.
166. Why do some people find it difficult to focus in the morning?
There may be lack of sleep that does not allow them to focus during mornings.
167. What do you do to improve your learning efficiency?
I do meditation to improve my concentration. It helps me to focus more.
168. How often do you dance?
I love dancing. Whenever I get chance, I dance. Dancing is a good activity. It keeps us fit as well as
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