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“Swimming Pools” by Troye Sivan was a hidden hit. The 2015 released bonus track was a part of Troye’s 2015 pop album “Blue Neighbourhood”. “Swimming Pools” personally relates to me because my perception of it is tied in with its water metaphors. The song is discussing the drawbacks of a relationship, with me my relationship is with my stress and anxiety, two issues I’ve had for awhile now. I believe that this song is a great representation for life’s drawbacks. The use of water metaphors brilliantly tie in emotions I’ve felt and dealt with. The figurative language pulls all of those difficulties into two verses. My life has consisted of plenty of drawbacks. Just like “Swimming Pools” I’ve tried running from those set backs, but instead I find myself caught up in life’s…show more content…
It’s good to realize your mistakes and build upon them. In “Swimming Pools” one of the main phrases sung that repeats is “Empty swimming pools”. The “Empty swimming pool” represents a higher mental state and a higher point after the wave has passed. It’s also a zen type place I get to after dodging those waves and hurdles that I’ve just been through. The “Empty pool” is a place where I am not stressed or overly anxious, it’s a safe space within myself. Once I can see that glimmer and have reached the pool, I have overcome those drawbacks for one brief minute. It’s good to have that; It’s good to recognize those times and take a minute to work through the pain, exhale and finally reach serenity. When I am in a slump I try to stay positive the most I can to pull myself out of it and to calm myself down through the rough patches with nostalgia. Fond memories to me are a healing factor and a part of the process. With time and focus I can drain out the negative with some of my best reminiscent

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