Swimsuit Narrative

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I buckle myself into my cousin Grace 's car after eating a wonderful dinner at the Cellar in Geneseo,IL. I got settled into the car with Grace (my cousin) getting ready for a 30 minute car ride to her house in the Quad Cities. Grace and I were acting crazy, as usual. After some time, the car pulled into the steep driveway, and then we arrived at Grace 's house. "So, do you girls want to go swimming now?" asked Aunt Christina. "Yeah!" Grace and I exclaimed. We ran into the house and up the steep stairs. We went into Grace 's room and I shuffled through my bag, looking for my swimsuit. Then, I grabbed my swimsuit and quickly changed into it so we could go swimming. Finally, Grace and I finished changing into our swimsuits; mine was mint green and Grace 's was red. As we walked outside to go to the pool, I stared at the sparkling blue water. I then started talking to Grace about learning how to do a flip. I had been too scared to do one before, so I figured that maybe she could help me get over the…show more content…
"Yeah, I can teach you how to do a flip," Grace replied as she stepped in the pool. "It 's super easy and I think you would be able to do it." "Yay! Thanks Grace!" I cheered as I dipped my legs in the crystal clear water. "But there is one problem... I need to get over the fear of doing a flip." "Oh, I 'll be able to help with that," Grace answered. Then, we started to swim in the pool. At first it was chilly, but then I got used to the water and it felt very warm. I jumped off the diving board, performing a pencil dive. Later, Grace showed me how to do a flip. At first I was pretty hesitant, so I tried doing a front handspring and a handstand-roll. The handstand-roll really helped me get over the fear, because it had a roll at the end, which really helped. Then, Grace suggested that I should try my flip. "Are you sure that I 'm not going to get hurt?" I asked hesitantly. "Yes, Avery! I 'm positive." Grace
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