Swing Kids: The Rise Of Hitler And The Nazi Party

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The Nazi Party was revered and feared because they were able to exploit people’s fears. The Nazi party existed before the rise of Hitler, but they were a small and virtually unnoticeable party. The entire world was hit by an economic depression in the early 1930s and Germany was not immune. The people of the country were angry and impatient and feared that their parliament was too weak to rectify the economic situation.
The Nazi party saw this opportunity and met their community with an alternative, strong leadership. Hitler and the Nazi party used eloquent speeches that used the people’s fear and God given entitlement to persuade people that the Nazi way of life was the only way of life. The Nazi way of life encouraged strong German principles and blamed all their obstacles on the Jewish race. According to the Nazi party, it was the Jewish people who were impure and responsible for all the German people’s hardships.
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The German man’s face was depicted as strong, symmetrical and superior, while the Jewish man’s face was cartoonish and had some monkey like features. In the lesson the instructor is talking about how the Jewish race has destroyed the purity of the German culture and that as German’s they are entitled to that purity and that they belong to the best race there is. I think that the Nazi party’s ability to speak to the German people, remind them a superior race and giving them someone to blame is why they were
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