Swing Kids Movie Essay

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In the movie Swing Kids directed by Thomas Carter, Peter and Thomas are Hitler Youth by day and swing kids by night. However, as time goes by, the boys find this difficult to maintain. As they get deeper in the Hitler Youth Movement, Thomas becomes committed to the Nazis, while Peter decides to take a stand as a resistor. The light skinned and blonde hair, Thomas Berger, lives a well off life. Thomas’s physical and athletic appearance makes him stand out among the other Germans. His family’s wealth let's Thomas indulge in luxury compared to most other families. Thomas’s main struggle that he encounters is his father. His father bullies and torments him almost every time they are together. Outside of his family, Thomas’s friends consist of Peter and Arvid. Thomas has an acceptable attitude around Peter, but he only claims to be friends with Arvid. Arvid…show more content…
Peter’s brown hair and brown eyes sets him apart from the typical German look. Peter’s main passion is music, especially swing. This love for music may have come about due to being raised by a single mother. When Peter was very young, his father was taken away by the Nazis, and ever since his father was taken away, Peter has been facing an inner conflict. Arvid is one of Peter’s main friends, therefore Peter’s attitude towards Arvid is understanding, loyal, and protective. He always defends Arvid when Thomas starts to pick on him. Peter ends up stealing a radio and is forced to join the Hitler Youth Movement in order to stay with his family. Peter disagrees with the philosophies that the Hitler Youth enforces, so he decides to still be a Swing Kid. Defending Arvid from Thomas is one of the crucial events that makes Peter realize that he should be a Swing Kid instead. He noticed that Thomas started to get more aggressive and physical after he joined the Hitler Youth, and he wanted to prevent that change from happening to him and affect
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