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Swing Vote In Swing Vote, a film starring Kevin Costner that came out in 2008, the outcome of a presidential election comes down to the vote of one man, Bud Johnson. The only problem is, Johnson could care less about almost everything, except his daughter, Molly. Molly, played by Madeline Carroll, runs the household, while her father constantly goes to the local bar. She is very intelligent and loves politics. Her love for politics is actually what causes the major plot of the story. The movie, while fairly unrealistic, is very well done and extremely entertaining. The story takes place in a small town in New Mexico. Bud is introduced as a egg inspector, even though he spends just as much time drinking. At first glance, the viewer would…show more content…
Also, the idea that Molly would become such good friends with the reporter seemed slightly unrealistic to me. I was torn between loving the ending and hating it. The movie altogether was very bipartisan, so really, that was the only option for an ending they could have. The movie, in my opinion, was also more about the transformation a father could make for his daughter, and his courageous response to a difficult situation, rather than the actual outcome of the vote. It just would have been interesting to know how he…show more content…
This reminded me of when we talked about minorities in politics, specifically african americans and women. Of course, I think it is important to keep in mind that Obama, the first african american president, did not take office until 2009, and this movie was released in 2008, which is obviously a major factor in the casting of this movie. Obama would have already been running for office, and it may have caused some serious legal issues if one of the candidates were african american.
Overall, I thought Swing Vote was a very well written, produced, and acted film. Costner and Carroll did a remarkable job playing a father-daughter duo, and the light hearted comedy mixed with the serious subject of politics was blended both flawlessly and gracefully. Although the likelihood that something like this would ever occur is extremely slim, I found the plot to be very entertaining, and I would recommend the movie to everyone looking for a good family-friendly

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