Switzerland Holiday Essay

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Best Holiday Itineraries

The Swiss Alps

The remarkable beauty of the Swiss Alps is a beautiful landmark sight to see that you don’t want to miss when you journey into Switzerland’s breathtaking landscapes. Hiking the trails in the Swiss Alps is the best way to discover the beauty of the country especially when travel into Jungfrau Area and the Matterhorn, which showcase the eye-catching and marvellous wonders of Switzerland. There are outdoor activities offered are cycling, horseback riding, glacier climbing and glacier hiking. During winter time, the Swiss Alps is covered in white snow which is perfect for skiing. The country is considered one of the best places for skiing in the world. Zermatt, Champery, Crans-Montana and Davos some of the best ski resort and is also a haven for the skier. The well- known ski resort in Switzerland is St. Moritz located in the Engadine valley.
Rhine Falls
Switzerland has magnificent bodies of water like the Rhine Falls aside from having stunning magnific mountains.
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If you are near Lake Maggiore close to Italy, divulge in the sumptuous dishes of pasta and risotto. Travelling in the canton Vaud near France, you can indulge in different French cuisines such as filled sausages or a dish of leeks and potatoes with Saucisson. And if you are close to the German border, you can find and enjoy German- influenced cuisines. The Swiss chocolate, Swiss cheese or Emmentaler are some of the most popular foods in Switzerland which is made from the milk that comes from grazing cows in the vast Alpine valleys. There are also a number of restaurants that serve cheese fondue and various shops where with or without holes Swiss cheese is readily available for everyone to buy. When you travel to Switzerland, there are many chocolate factories to have a tour in and there are many different kinds of chocolate brands to choose from like Toblerone, Lindt and

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