Switching School In Middle School-Personal Narrative

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Switching schools can be difficult. Especially when you don’t really know anyone except some of people that went to the same elementary school as you. The scariest school move so far was from elementary school to middle school. It was scary because at the time all my friendships were on the rocks and that killed me. My friends were all I had to look forward to. If I had no friends There was nothing for me in middle school. Anyway I went into Coal Ridge a nervous wreck. I slowly figured out that me and one of my friends had all the same core classes as me. When I found out it calmed me a little bit but, I was still really nervous to go to my classes. I didn’t meet any of my teachers before. So I used a few of Jackie Robinson's nine values to help myself get through middle school. In elementary school I knew all the teachers and I liked all of them. After…show more content…
I had no idea what to think. My older sisters said it was the best three years that they experienced i n school. But, my sisters are very different than I am. My oldest sister, Sierra, was a very intelligent person and very shy she didn’t really have a lot of friends. Not that you need a lot of friends you just need a few close ones. My other sister, Savannah, was very different. She is smart, athletic, and compassionate. She had a lot of friends and she was popular. I wanted to be like Savannah and be popular. I thought being popular was the most important thing in the world. I loved that Savannah was always somewhere. Anyway halfway through the year the problems at home affected my life at school. I got my first “F” in my social studies class. I didn’t even care though I figured that my family was more important. Which is true but I need to learn how to multitask and I did. I learned how to seperate my home life from my school life. So, I guess you could say I was very persistent. My goal was to get good grades and fix my relationship with
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