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INTRODUCTION: This report deals with SG Cowen, which is a financial entity that was born when Société Generale (a private bank from France) purchased Cowen and co. in 1998. It is a well-known fact that Cowen began operations as a bond broker in 1918 and progressed into a company known for making top-level research. (Delong and Vijayarghavan, 2006, pg. 2). Nowadays, it possesses strong skills to sale of shares and business operations. In the beginning of the 20th century, by merging the two companies passed to the new entity of SG Cowen. It was planned to continue as a boutique firm size since they seemed to be highly competitive and prestigious enough to be selective in its hiring process. A useful starting point for this study is owing to its deep banking knowledge collected through its equity research team, including its health care and technology. All these following characteristics are the main targets of the investors looking for profitable emerging companies.
The SG Cowen seemed to remain an emerging growth investment bank whose geographical growth could extend to Europe and other parts of the world. The company is known to conduct research of high level to possess solid skills when advising others. This kind of business demands a highly skilled, creative, practical,
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A number of breeding programs in the top 15 universities in the US in search of new talents were performed. Each university was assigned a representative of the company, which was called the captain, who was responsible for ensuring that candidates comply with the established program and then analyze the results and move to the next step of the selection. Afterwards, the potential candidates to go to the activity of "Super Saturday" were selected. The event began at a restaurant in the city, in which candidates and interviewers gathered to break the ice. The next morning began the round of

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