Swot Analysis Case

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Strengths: - Asheka executes on the strong intro with both the team member and the client. This is good for consistency. - After verification, Asheka does a good job asking open ended questions to find out exactly where the client is located on the website. Opportunities: - Relevant and effective coding/noting. Asheka codes this loan as a "phone call from client." However, this call was internally transferred. Consider coding as "call from team member." Asheka also uses the codes MyQL/Rocket Mortgage > Doc Access/Upload Docs. Consider coding this as E-Sign. This is important for reporting purposes. - Empathy. Asheka misses the opportunity to offer the client an empathetic acknowledgment during this myql call. It is the client 's expectation that this process be very quick and easy, so it is important that we recognize this with empathy. Try doing this early in the call--"I know that your time is important, Grace, I 'll be more than happy to help you today!"…show more content…
(8:25 - 8:30) Asheka is heard talking over the client. Although the client begins to speak at this point in the call, Asheka continues on with her statement and the client repeats herself. We want to avoid speaking at the same time as the client, as this will help us to better listen. As soon as the client begins speaking, be sure to stop. - Clear/gump/concise. During page instruction, there seems to be a lot of confusion between the client and Asheka. Whether the client has signed or not signed and what page she is on/what to do next. For example: 6:58 - 8:30 (during this time, Asheka even references how she "can 't see the screen"). By utilizing her resources, such as Quick Share, Asheka could have made navigation a bit more clear to the client. This helps with efficiency and overall client experience. Quick Share is not required on all myql calls, however, consider using this tool in cases like this for better
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