Swot Analysis For Apple

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5.0 ANALYSIS OF STRATEGIC FACTORS (SWOT) SWOT Analysis is a useful technique for understanding company’s strengths and weakness, and also for identifying both opportunities opens to the company and the threats that company face. Hence here are Apple’s SWOT analysis that gives insights on the actions of the company to maximize its growth based on such strengths and opportunities. Besides, it also highlights the most significant strengths that Apple can use to improve its position and financial performance as well as the weaknesses and threats that should be focused through innovative strategies. Firstly, the strength of the company is that it has the strong brand image. Apple is one of the strongest brands in the world. This shows that company…show more content…
These threats should be reduce in order to improve company’s financial performance. The tough competition in the industry is partly because of the aggressiveness of the company. Apple competes with firms like Samsung which also uses rapid innovation strategies in the company. Due to the aggressive behaviour of competing firms, it is necessary important for company to have strong fundamentals for maintaining the competitive advantage. Furthermore, Apple also faces the threat of imitation of its products. This threat is significant because there is large number of firms from local and regional that might easily imitate Apple’s products and design. Other than that, the rising labour costs in Apple plants such as in China can reduce profit margins or push selling prices even higher. Based on this analysis, Apple’s performance could suffer because of aggressive competition and imitation of product and design. Hence, Apple must take appropriate action in order to overcome these threats in the…show more content…
Apple should constantly innovating and coming up with cutting-edge products in order to maintain its position as one of the industry leaders. As Apple is adopting a differentiation strategy, it is imperative for company to leverage on its strength in R&D to generate products that will meet expectation of its customers. The most importantly is to understand the tastes and preferences of their consumers. The company should be receptive to both positive and negative feedback from its consumers and to appropriately incorporate them into winning solutions. Though it is not feasible for Apple to act on every criticism, the company should strive to improve and re-invent with each new product launch to minimize product limitations without compromising on its core values and product uniqueness. By doing this, it will help Apple to remain as one of the leading firms in the

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