Hotel Management Case Study: The Perfect Hotel

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1.Executive Summary

Our hotel aim to be a global business company and want to provide premier and professional service for our customers. Furthermore, we want to attract more economic chance in order to improving the competitiveness of the city. For this reason, staff training and hotel management should be kept in touch with the trend, learn from the competitors and use it on the right direction to improve. The way for change that our hotel creates would serve to our customers for many years and support our global development plan and being the one of the world’s preeminent company. “A better experience could be served to our guest , a better working opportunity could be provided to our investors or partners, a better facilities for our staffs and a better service to our communities , giving to the people instead of removing it and also improving it. “ (Nassetta, 2008) we should never hesitate for any change because that could provide a much more better environment for us to keep on developing. 2. SWOT Analysis

 Location
The Perfect 6 hotel is located in town and at the seafront, from the airport to town is less than 30 minutes, and there is complete public transportation. Also, there are main shopping Center near
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Demographic segmentation is based on measurable statistics. Dividing them into specific groups based on their variable helps us to provide the best match service for them. For example, gender-based segmentation is important, female prefer skincare or spa activities while male prefer sports supplement. On the other hand, we can segment our customer by age. Kids like colorful, cartoon decoration and playing video games while elderly people prefer quite activity and may need some supplement to support. Using demographic segmentation may lead customers’ loyalty, because we can respond to customers’ need in a short time to satisfy them. And it also save time.(Thionnet S.,

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