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Mad Hops Brewery is a proposed microbrewery based in New Orleans, LA. It will focus on selling to local bars in the area and will strictly trade in the wholesale market. It is considered a microbrewery because it will sell less than 15000 barrels per year, and over 75% of sales will be off-site. Mad Hops Brewery will initially sell two products: Mad Hops Lager and Mad Hops Light. While most beers are hot-brewed, our Lager is unique because of its cold-brew process. The cold-brew method possesses subtle nuances differentiated through greater use of yeast and precise temperature control. Because the storing process is longer, the yeast is able to thrive in the cold-temperatures, and the lager retains a higher concentration of hops. Mad Hops Light differs from the Lager through a 3% alc vs a 5%, as well as a slightly filtered hops content. The Mad Hops Lager brewing process is fairly simple and consists of five major steps. First, our brewing engineers make a starter which is an industry term meaning a dry malt extract boiled with water and cooled in a small fermenter. A starter is essentially a premature beer used to get the yeast healthy and populated enough to…show more content…
On the upstream, negotiating good commodity prices for the wort supplies by shipping in bulk for the Midwest will help control costs. On the downstream, the Chief Marketing Officer will be in charge of distribution. Mad Hops Brewery plans to cater towards the New Orleans bar and restaurant scene, as well as convenience stores. The brewery will charge the cost of the product to the accounts payable of our business consumers, and the stores will only pay for the products they sell. The unsold inventory will return to the brewery. This sales strategy will reduce the risk of aging inventory for our suppliers, which will make our product more attractive in the beginning stages of Mad Hops Brewery’s

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