Swot Analysis For Rapha Al

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The Organizational Structure Mission Statement Rapha assisted living is committed to delivering high quality, individualized and compassionate care to our residents. We are dedicated to providing superior quality care in environments that improves and advances the wellness of our residents. Vision Statement Rapha AL is committed to providing health care excellence to, and improving quality of daily life for our residents. Key Values The culture at Rapha AL is focused on our values. Operating on and consistently demonstrating these values will enable us achieve our mission and subsequently our vision in addition to become the AL preferred provider of choice in our community. We are committed to providing and communicating excellent care…show more content…
(Goodstein, Nolan and Pfeiffer, 993). The framework also emphasizes effective communication of the vision, the role of culture and values in determining strategic direction and constantly monitoring the environments. Moreover, this framework enables the organization to create contingency plans for the seen and the foreseeable, as the future is illuminated and planned for. (Pfeiffer, 1986). Strategic planning model The applied strategic planning we use in my organization is an envisioning, process oriented model. Distinctively, applied strategic planning is the process by which the guiding principals of an organization envision its future and develop the essential operations and procedures to successfully achieve that future. (Goodstein, Nolan and Pfeiffer, 1993). Relationship between the strategic plan and organization 's mission, vision, and values. Our vision, mission and values are quite consistent with the required elements of the applied strategic planning framework. Furthermore, the plan enables us to achieve congruence on identified values, and established vision and mission statements of Rapha and the belief that significant aspects of the future are quite achievable in the face of challenging circumstances and realistic…show more content…
ADKAR is an abbreviation for: awareness, desire, knowledge, ability, reinforcement; that must be created and effectively executed to achieve successful change in an organization. (Prosci, 2015). ADKAR is goal oriented for both individual members and the organization itself, and inspires maturity on both dimensions as indicated in the diagram above (Figure 1). The expected outcomes and goals expressed by ADKAR are progressive in nature, and must be attained in order for effective and sustainable change to be realized. Evaluate the impact of governance on implementation of strategic goals. To achieve success there must be visible and effectively committed to the strategic process and the strategic goals by the governance. Rapha believes that its future course is the task of the established governance and its commitment to the strategic process cannot be overstated. Consider the role of the Board of Directors on formation of strategic goals. Determination of the future of Rapha cannot be delegated, but rests with the BoD. The BoD ensures that the culture, values, mission and vision of the organization are in congruency with the determined strategic goals generated during the strategic planning
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