Swot Analysis For Subway

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Competitor SWOT Analysis 1. Subway Subway Offerings Strengths Weaknesses Product Subway Melt Meatball Marinara Tuna Sandwich This is a very popular sandwich and by observing their operations, a lot of their customers order this particular sandwich The sandwich actually tastes good. And it is one of their popular seasonal offerings. The tuna sandwich is one of the basic sandwiches that people constantly order from them and is easily one of their best sellers The ingredients that they use don’t really live up to their, eat fresh daily motto. Their ingredients look like they were refrigerated and reheated. Their meatballs are very small. The actual look of the sandwich itself is not congruent with how it is shown in the posters Though a lot of people actually buy this from them, since the tuna sandwich is very basic, it can be easily copied. There is not much differentiation offered in this sandwich for it to be actually special. Price PHP 150 PHP 150 PHP 99 They charge a fairly lower price for the quality that they offer, that is why a lot of people still buy from them, especially for this sandwich. This sandwich is only offered for a limited time, that is why it is priced higher than most of their products. This is one of their cheap sandwiches, and one of the reasons that a lot of their customers buy this is because of its fairly cheap price. The price seems too high for the overall quality of the product in terms of its presentation and the

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