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Tim Hortons Product: Other than its donuts, Tim Hortons offers a wide variety of snacks and meals, such as sandwiches and soups. Along with the food,Tim Hortons also provides us with the experience all together. When you go to a Tim Hortons you feel very welcomed and comfortable.The service is fast and the workers are friendly. Even the packaging is recognizable and unique, which is usually a family playing ice hockey (Canada's ever so popular game). Price: Tim Hortons will not break the bank it is very affordable. Even $2 will get you a donut and a small drink. Place: It is pretty hard to go anywhere in Canada and not find a Tim Hortons. They are in airports, gas stations, shopping centres etc. Tim Hortons has a very friendly and family…show more content…
GameCube, Gameboy, Wii, Nintendo DS and many other gaming systems by Nintendo have all been extremely popular at some point and most still are very popular. Super Mario, Pokemon and Brain Age are very memorable games for people to look back on and play. Price: At the beginning of a new game consoles life the pricing for it is very high. Until the product is bought by millions then the company will start skimming down the price. Place: Nintendo doesn’t have its own store but they sell their products to retailers who sell the product in their store for us to buy. You can find Nintendo games and consoles at department stores mostly, for example Walmart. You can also conveniently shop for the products online on Amazon or E-Bay. Promotion: When Nintendo launches new products they usually have special events leading up to the new product. When the company launched the Nintendo 3DS there were a series of special launch days, and even some midnight launch events. Fans of the Nintendo product got the chance to have a go on the new Nintendo system, early purchasers received a free carrying case, and there were free giveaways for Nintendo T-shirts and…show more content…
The company is also beginning to expand with shoes and home decor. Price: H&M is known for its high quality and stylish clothing. Although it is high quality and is seen worn by celebrities it is very affordable for the average person. The company’s business concept is to offer fashionable and high quality clothing at an affordable cost. Place: H&M sticks to keeping their company in a busy area, such as a big city shopping centre. The store comes with a great atmosphere which includes good mellow music and friendly employees. Some stores are so big you could spend hours looking around and be okay with that because it is such a lovely shopping experience. Even if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to go out and shop, H&M is going to be offering online shopping in the near future. Promotion: The main way H&M promotes their clothing is by their magazine which is where you can see many of your favourite celebrities like David Beckham, Madonna, Lana Del Ray and many others wearing the companies clothing. Most people know that celebrities shop their and because of this we tend to feel like an upperclass person ourselves when we wear the

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