Swot Analysis For United Airlines

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Q1.a When talking about environment in general, we think of the surrounding things that have an ability to affect. Same is applied with marketing environment. Marketing environment is the collection of all of the surrounding actors and forces that have the power to affect the company 's ability to do its job in having good relationship with target customers and satisfying their needs (Kotler, Armstong, Tolba, Habib, (2011). Marketing environment consists of internal and external factors that have direct affect on the marketing program. Internal factors (or the microenvironment) are the ones closed to the company, for instance, the company, it 's suppliers, the marketing intermediaries, competitors, public and customers. While the…show more content…
Segmentation makes the way easy for United Airlines to grow and expand, because UA uses segmentation to target those groups of customers whom it finds an opportunity to develop. Segmentation enables United Airlines to identify opportunities in the market, achieve marketing objectives and maximize the efficiency of marketing efforts by using a different strategy for each segment. Segmentation also gives the company a better understanding of its clients, the services they need and the methods of payments. In addition to that, it helps to achieve a successful targeting. For example when united airlines chooses the right variables and does a proper market search for market segmentation it will be able to select one or more segments that it will serve profitably as well as easily. After that it can shift its focus on another segment and so on, which therefore leads to growth and…show more content…
Elements of SWOT are: Strengths which can be any work or project, that give the company a comparative advantage over other organizations. Strengths can appear in the shapes of resources, competitive advantage, and all the other aspects that the business does in a way that add value the competitive advantage. Weaknesses are those characteristics and factors under company 's control, that put the work or project in disadvantage relative to others. Weaknesses like limited skills, lack of resources and any other negative aspect that give the competitors the opportunity to get advantages over the organization. On the external side, opportunities are elements, works or projects that the organization could exploit to its advantage. Example of opportunities can be market growth and changing lifestyle. While threats are the external factors and elements that can cause trouble for business and challenge the organization 's performance. Most of the threats can be economic dropdown, competition and government regulations. (Pickton,

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