Swot Analysis In China

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One of the most meaningful practices that a business can do to evaluate its current position in the market is SWOT analysis. Through this analysis, a firm studies deeply the internal (strengths and weaknesses) and the external (opportunities and threats) factors a business that affect it’s mission and vision. This study can help a firm determine its capacity, get a broader understanding of the market, determine strategies, determine training needs and finally maintain the strengths that it posses. Below we will explain the SWOT analysis of our company’s move from Lebanon to China.

To begin with, strengths are extremely important to any firm. We should work on maximizing these strengths and capitalizing on them to get the maximum benefit for
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A business can’t succeed without knowing its weaknesses and how to deal with them, either by minimizing them as much as possible or by eliminating them if it is possible. Being a foreign company establishing a new business overseas adds many obstacles to the process, but we should know how to adjust to them and minimize their negative impact. Our first weakness is that we have no previous experience in the Chinese industry, which makes it difficult to deal with local employees that will form the majority of our workforce there. This will also affect the management process negatively and it will hinder our progress if we don’t deal with it correctly from the beginning. Moreover, another weakness related to the culture difference, is the challenging task of establishing a name for our brand, which is completely new to the market. This have to be done carefully and with the help of local marketing and advertisement agencies in order to know how to modify our techniques to attract the Chinese…show more content…
Opportunities make any market or industry attractive for firms to join, it is extremely important to exploit these opportunities and get the maximum benefit out of them. As we all know the Chinese market is full of opportunities on various levels. To begin with, the most important factor that attracts all firm to China is the cheap labor cost. This will be a major factor in our low cost strategy. Another factor is that China is the largest producer of potatoes in the world and the cost of a ton is cheaper than anywhere else. A third major opportunity is the competitor’s high prices. Our main competitors will be other foreign brands of chips like Lay’s and Pringles. The brands are selling their products for relatively high prices to the majority of the Chinese consumers. We can benefit from this opportunity by introducing a foreign brand with a lower selling

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