Swot Analysis In Sport

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Swot Analysis
Sepang International Circuit is one of the best circuit in the world. The location is also very strategic where is located nearby the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Particularly worked for speed and energizing hustling, the SIC in Malaysia is one of the world 's ideal. Is was composed by the world driving circuit build, Hermann Tilke and counseled by F1 living legend, Michael Schumacher, both from Germany. SIC is generally viewed as a benchmark for other GP scenes. From aeronautical view, SIC connotes a hibiscus, the national blossom of Malaysia. SIC likewise has heavenly pit carport and phenomenal media offices and also wonderful terrific stands and benefactor pleasantries. The track is extended at a length
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Other than that, substantial rain will wet the track making it trickier for F1 groups to race. The 2009 Malaysian GP arranged the dramatization where overwhelming deluges and thunderbolts came about the race to be red hailed as perceive ability dropped to close to zero and the track turn out to be completely doused with water. In this manner, just half indicates were granted victors in the race. This made disillusionment all attendees.

Marketing of Formula 1 Formula 1 is targeting more on the families and local citizens as we can see from the promotion and the date of the races. It provides 50% promotion for kids and cheapest ticket price for citizen who having Mykad to attract people. Furthermore, the races and activities are all holding in weekend so families can enjoy the weekend by watching Formula 1 matches. In recent article, we found that Malaysia is no longer the best location for F1 global fans because it is not the best circuit anymore after Monaco, Japan, Singapore and Abu Dhabi circuit received higher ranking. Malaysia can now only using the price strategy to attract people as it is the cheapest ticket rates among all the competitors. For attracting more people, Formula One will having roadshow every year and this year they are having roadshows at Penang and Johor

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