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In order to better understand Longhorn’s position in the industry, a SWOT analysis was completed. This was done by observing trends within the industry as well as looking at external factors that could be affecting the restaurant. This made it easy to see where they could make improvements and what they could do to capitalize on their strengths. Longhorn has many strengths that put it in a good competitive position. They have competitive prices, quality food, quick service and a well-known brand. Due to their popularity, most people know what to expect when they go to Longhorn. Having this brand helps them attract customers because even if someone has never tried the restaurant, they are most likely familiar with the brand and will be more…show more content…
The most obvious problem is that their staff is often poorly trained. Addressing this problem would go a long way in fixing the other weaknesses which are getting orders wrong, not refilling drinks, taking too long to bring food out and not being consistent between locations. One thing that was evident in this research was that the Auburn location is greatly underperforming other locations. While all locations exhibited some degree of these problems, the Auburn location was by far the worst. This restaurant consistently gets orders wrong which can lead to upset customers and bad word of mouth reviews. The restaurant experienced failures in cooking the steak as ordered by customers, bringing out the entre with correct sides and preparing the entre as asked for. While they will fix these problems if addressed, it is important to remember that a large percent of the population will avoid complaining meaning that Longhorn will have no way of knowing that there are lots of unhappy guests leaving their establishment. On top of getting orders wrong, the servers would often fail to refill drinks promptly sometimes waiting several minutes after the cups were empty. These problems were mostly caused by having a

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