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 Lululemon fully depended and worked on retail model, as well as management team relied on customer feedback to make changes.
 Employees would also give instructions how they were supposed to rearrange the product each week. Moreover, employees were instructed to wear athletic outfits.
 Lululemon had one of the strong point had educated employees, employees were not only sell product but they priority was to educate customer about cloth fabric, flexibility of cloth etc.
As because of this kind of environment front lime employees were encouraged to get more engaged in their jobs and get more feedbacks from customers. One of the main company’s strategy was to promote group/team work.

How does Lululemon recruit and select employees to ensure there will be a ‘fit’ between the employees and the
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Also, feeding into the organic mouth marketing. They use fit models to test and give them a feedback.
 Lululemon had a manifesto which was created by Mr. Chip Wilson and his father. Manifesto contains compilation of motto, slogan which clearly describe core values to them. Moreover, Manifesto plays very important in recruiting and selection process. Company expects that all new candidates must know or read the manifesto before they come.
 Lululemon want employees who had an egoless nature and sense of self awareness. All suitable employees participate in a group interview in which employer asked question about company’s core values means to them. After finishing this all selected individuals get training in which they learn importance of core values and how they act live within those.

In terms of managerial decisions related to their retail locations, is decision making at Lululemon centralized or decentralized?

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