Swot Analysis Of A Restaurant

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Market Analysis
Cozy restaurant has indebt information about the market in which they operate and also know the basic attributes of their most priced and loyal customers.
As a result of the knowledge, they are able to understand how their customers should be served, their particular needs and how cozy restaurant can communicate with its customers effectively to bring out the best in their staff and management as well.

Market analysis

Market Demographics
Cozy restaurant has a profile which consists of geographic, demographic and behavioral factors.
The target geography is the city of Accra and its environs such as Spintex, Osu, Sakumono, La and Tema which has population of about 200000 in total according to the Accra Metropolitan
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This segment makes up about 60% of the population of Accra and its environs according to Accra metropolitan Assembly. Cozy restaurant is also targeting young professionals who are working within the vicinity and also graduates of colleges and universities. They also target customers whose income are Ghs 40,000 annually and above who eat several times a week outside home and those who patronize high quality restaurant and also think about their health in connection with the food they consume into their body.
Behavioral Factors
Cozy restaurants is in place for customer who enjoy high quality meals without the hectic task of doing it themselves as well as customers whose major concern is about the quality and healthy foods they consume into their body. It also tends to serve food that is well presented and has value attributed to its content.
Market Needs
Cozy restaurant is offering customers with a wide range of quality local and continental dishes as well as a complementary juice and desert that is unique and pleasing in appearance and also it is more concern about healthy choice and they use locally grown fruits and vegetables and other stable foods from their farm as well as top-shelf
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The restaurant patron today comparative to the past is more erudite in a number of different ways and these are quality food, appearance or presentation of the food, health consciousness and selection.
Quality of food
The liking for high-quality ingredients is growing as customers are learning to raise the value of the qualitative variances.
Appearance and presentation
As appearance of a component of the cookery experience becomes more universal, customers are learning to raise the value of this aspect of the industry.
Health consciousness
With the growing number of diseases as a result of the food we consume into our body most Ghanaians are much more concern about their health which is evidence by the number of gyms which are been opened and the number of individuals who exercise daily and those who are also part of keep fit clubs. People now require that if they are eating outside home it should be a healthy food.
Customers of restaurants now prefer a large variety of menu with which they can select

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