Swot Analysis Of Adidas

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The main mission of adidas group is to do sporting lifestyle and love for sports. Father of the company was passionate about sports. He invent many of his product but he initiate his business with shoes .For owner the athlete came first. His mission is to become the best sports brand in the world .He faced many problem to come on second number. Round the clock they are fortifying their brands and its product to better design and competitive benefit in the market. They are customer oriented, and continuously enhance quality and image of the brands. Vision statement is for future. It defines what a company wants to become after several years or prolonged. Adidas vision statement endeavors to be a global leader in sporting goods industry and improves the standard of living and make their brand to increase and make better position of the company in the market. Adidas is consumer oriented brand. They are consecutively improving quality, items, look and features to feel their consumer to look confident. To boost the consumer satisfaction and to provide the best quality. Adidas being global organization is responsible for financially reward for their employees. The staff and employees are keenly motivated and dedicated to the work and they are paid on the basis of work and the ability create . The performance of adidas is the passion of the company which helps them to improve the performance innovation and best result. they are honest sincere to their words and align

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